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Our Brands

We only stock the best high-quality brands at LevelUp! All of our brands play in active role in the promotion & development of the Tricking, Parkour or Free-Running communities. Click on a brands logo to browse through their products.

Storm Freerun

Storm Freerun was formed in early 2010. A mix of renowned, underground and upcoming Freerunners from the UK.

Farang Clothing

We want to use our time to create and experience the lifestyle Freerunning has to offer us. We want to feel comfortable in our own skin, independent of people telling us what is right and what is wrong. We love challenging the status quo and doing what people tell us we can't do. That's what being a Farang is about - everybody that is ready to follow his or her heart can be part of it.

Invincible Tricking

Invincible Tricking is Australia's first, original, and only tricking apparel company. Created by James Daly and based in Sydney, Invincible Tricking's aim is to spread the excitement and joy this sport brings...

Take Flight

Take Flight is an international clothing company that produces high quality athletic and urban apparel for customers participating in Parkour & Free-Running around the world.

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